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I have a client that needs a very simple flash movie re-engineered. I uploaded the SWF file here. I can do the work myself, and wouldn't mind doing it, but I have another client that I need to attend to this coming week and would prefer to get this movie done before then. Here are my requirements:

  • recreate movie to play exactly how it does now (5 photos, size, effects, transitions, etc.)
  • supply .fla and .swf file to me when project is completed
  • .fla file must have organized folders in asset library so images can be added or changed easily
  • .fla layers are to be labeled to clearly represent their purpose
  • movie dimensions must be 778px wide and 378px in height
  • .swf file must be less than 300 KB in size
  • deliver by midnight CST USA January 31
  • all requirements must be met
  • bonus: add a simple "loading" animation to the beginning
  • bonus: make movie pull files from a folder/directory on the server
  • bonus: make before mentioned folder dynamic to pull images from a winter or summer folder based on the current month (the month of the current date/time when file is ever requested)

I'll pay $175 for the project or $350 in you include all bonus specs.I don't want to commit one person so this is open to everyone. If you can do the work, do it. If you present the best final product then you will get paid. I will offer full critiques to those who do get work but are not selected.Please reply to this post if you are "in".Post all questions here so everyone can see them and my replies.Thanks.

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