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Flash Newbie Question

Guest Doug L

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I maintain a website that has the "FlowPlayer" open source flash software loaded onto it. This I will use to display videos on designated web pages within my site.I am also a student learning web programming. One of my projects is to display a page with a video on it. However, because of server restrictions, I am not allowed to load the actual movie files onto the server.For this reason, I wish to embed the object, (video and player) onto my student project page so it can be viewed via my personal web server where the player and files are loaded. Basically, I want to embed my vid on another site page similar to embedding a "YouTube" video.I believe that I will be using <object> as the container followed with the parameters and source along with sizing of the player.Can anyone help me with the basic code requirements to perform such an action?ThanksDoug

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