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Hi,Go to http://www.incyclopedia.info/xmltest/ This underconstruction site is a very simple site which will be like a collection of other websites. This site uses iframe to display content. It will also have horizontal scrolling. There is no logic to this kind of scrolling, I followed it coz’ its cool. I have done a very basic XML integration just for the first column and am stuck because I am not a web developer or a programmer.The output of this site is basic information like Organisation Name, its URL and Tel No. And these should ideally be fed through XML.To make it easy to understand, I have made a powerpoint presentation which encompasses the same thing. It might be easy to understand that way. Download the presentation hereAdditional file that you will need.http://www.incyclopedia.info/xmltest/incyclo_db.xml for databaseThe problem (I am assuming, you are on the site already):-• How do I get a hyperlink on the URL naturally. Its necessary• How do I get a extra line space between each entry. An entry here comprises of 3 lines — Organisation, URL, Tel No.• How can the data displayed, automatically spill into the next cell on its right (where it starts from Site 01)• How do I create a heading (Sub-section Head 1) in the same XML file? And then I should also be able to start another sub section (Sub-Section Head 2) . I am ready to forgo the header where it reads Section 01.01. This need not be dynamic• In between, how do I keep provision of Google Ad words… This will appear after every 2 or 3 column of data• How do I create a provision for a 4th line in the data. Suppose few months down the line, I also want to add a field like CITY

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