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hello guys i'm trying to set cookie for the user name then read it and insert it to the form control it works fine when i reload the page but when i close the browser and reopen doesn't read it so i put the expires 2020 but still not working please check this script and help mevar userName ;var password ;function setCookie(){ var date = new Date('june 10, 2020'); date = date.toGMTString(); userName = document.getElementById('name').value; password = document.getElementById('pass').value; theCookie = "userName=" + userName; document.cookie = theCookie; theCookie += ";expires" + date; document.cookie = theCookie;}function readCookie(){ var cookies = document.cookie.split(';'); for(i=0; i < cookies.length ; i++){ var subcookie = cookies.split('='); var cookiename = subcookie[0]; var cookievalue = subcookie[1]; if(cookiename == "userName") { document.getElementById('name').value = cookievalue; } } }window.onload = function(){ readCookie(); document.getElementById('submit').onclick = setCookie;}

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