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Help with ShadowBox/CloudZoom integration

Guest coolcopy

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Guest coolcopy

I plan to set up a photo gallery using ShadowBox, but I also want to add a zoom feature within the gallery for individual elements. Preferably using the CloudZoom plugin.How it should (hopefully) work: Click on any thumbnail --> A resized large image opens up inside ShadowBox --> CloudZoom is activated on this image on mouseover.What I've obviously :) got so far is this:

Shadowbox.init({		skipSetup: true });window.onload = function() {	Shadowbox.setup("a.mygallery-elements", {	gallery: "mygallery"	});};

Is there a way to call CloudZoom after the gallery is invoked. I know I have to use ShadowBox's getCurrent() and onFinish... but don't know how exactly. Can anyone out there advise me on this?Thanks in advance.

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