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referencing tags by name -- help?


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I'm very new to xml and xsl, so please excuse me if this is an easy one. I have a web db which is holding user entered information using html style text boxes. I've been exporting the db contents using xml and had created an xsl style sheet which displayed the data as I needed it in Word. My problem comes from an apparent upgrade in phpmyAdmin which changed the XML dump schema. Now I'm not sure how to reference the elements properly.My xml document did appear similar to what I have found on most websites where each field from the db table was a tag. for example, the field 'firstname' would appear as <firstname>John </firstname> and I could reference these using<xsl:value-of select="RecID"/>. The new download has the field in the format <column name ="firstname">John</column> and i'm not sure how to reference it the same way. I think it has to do with elements, but am quickly getting lost in the terminology.I would really, really appreciate any guidance or help on this.Thanks in advance,Skraf

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