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xsl fo Page Break (newbie question)


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Hi I am new to xsl foI am creating a pdf document for a customer order using a database and xsl fo.This bit works:

My SQL query gives me customer orderes grouped by customer id.I have defined a table in the <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body" > within <xsl:template match="data">I'm putting the Customer details in rows using <xsl:template match="customerid-group">the order data goes into <xsl:template match="row">This works a bit: I get a nicely formatted table giving customer details then the order.

BUT it all ends up on one page, with each customer order starting after the last one one finishes.I want to have the customer details at the top of each page followed by their order.How can I either make a page break in a table OR create two tables, one with customer details in and another table with a list of their ordered items?TIAH

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