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IE floating and clearing


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Hello,I've ran into the most curious of problems.I have a site set up with three floating blocks, one left menu, a right menu, and a center block for the content.The left block and center blocks float left and the right block floats right.the order in html of these blocks is:

<div id="left_block"></div><div id="right_block"></div><div id="center_block"></div>

What is happening is that clicking a link to a page on the site makes IE 7 display the central block down the page, as if it's clearing the float right. But here's the curious thing, if i click the browsers refresh button, the page reloads and appears correctly. Every time I do that it works, but clicking a link will make it show the central block under the right block, as if maybe it's too large for the available space...Has anyone head of this kind of behavior from IE before?

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