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How to get aspx gridview cell value


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I had a gridview with checkbox to select records for generate report.There are column "From Date", "To Date", "Applicant"...Actually, i already have a javascript to check the checkbox status. here is my code:

	function IsSelectedAtleastOneRecord() {		var loTable = document.all("<%=Gridview1.ClientID%>"); 		count = 0;		with (document.forms[0]) {			for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {				var e = elements[i];				if (e.type == "checkbox" && e.checked == true) 				{					count += 1;				}			}		}		if (count == 0) {			alert("You have not select any record.");			return false;		}		return true;	}

but how to get the cell value of "From Date" column of each selected row for comparing they are on same date ?thanksJoe

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