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Primary KEY by Query

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I just did my sql homework and i had to do the same thing i found this site was useful:http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~dbbook/openAccess/...e_guide.html#oc

Observing ConstraintsOften you may wish to see what constraints exist on a table. The view USER_CONSTRAINTS is maintained by Oracle and has information about constraints. Some interesting columns include, the CONSTRAINT_NAME, CONSTRAINT_TYPE where P refers to primary key, and R is a foreign key constraints, the TABLE_NAME on which it is defined, and the R_CONSTRAINT_NAME for foreign key constraints. Type DESCRIBE USER_CONSTRAINTS for more informaion.Once you know the CONSTRAINT_NAME, you can use the USER_CONS_COLUMNS view to find the COLUMN_NAME and POSITION for that CONSTRAINT_NAME. You can query these views as you would any other table:select column_name, position, constraint_name from User_cons_columns;
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