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I can't get my XML data to display in a table format

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Hi everyone,I am undertaking the creation of our broadband website, which involves knowing how to use XML. The first task I have assigned myself is to get the ADSL Checker up and running. The postcode side of it is working,so far as giving me the answers I expected, but it is displaying in XML and not in the form of a table. The phone number side of it is not working, it keeps coming back with errors, but I am hoping that if I can concentrate on the getting the postcode side to work properly I can review where I may have gone wrong with the phone number side.When I check a postcode it asks me for a password and username, which I do have, but is there a way that I can incorporate this in the coding somewhere so when visitors to the website want to check the phone number/postcode they wont need to input the username and password for the server where the xml file is located.I really hope someone can help me, as when I have mastered this I will then have to go on to create the sign-up form!!! :) Thanks in advance!!Galaxy

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