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[solved]Need regex help


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I am trying to match {{filename.extension}}

<?php$string = '{{file.html}} some random crap {{file2.html}}';$pattern = '/\{\{(\w+\.\w+)\}\}/s';preg_match_all($pattern, $string, $matches);foreach ($matches as $match) {	echo $match[0]."\n";}?>

but this code outputs me

What and how I need to change if I want that output look like that?
Edit: found code from internet and built this
foreach ($matches[0] as $key => $match) {	echo $matches[1][$key]."\n";}

I can't understand what $key => $matchwhat does => do in there.

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1. Since your subject line now says [solved], don't be surprised that this post is no longer receiving replies. You have a new question on a new topic, so start a new thread.2. The online manual answers your question pretty clearly here.FYI, for all functions and many other topics, you can get quick access to information in the online manual like this: www.php.net/topic . In this case, I typed this in my browser's URL bar: www.php.net/foreach , and the PHP site redirected me to the correct page.

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