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hiI am trying to learn ASP, at W3chools,i came so long that i want to create, read or write a file or check last modified date on files.when i have one of following lines (rows), my script wait and wait for ever, nothing happend,1. set filename=FS.CreateTextFile("c:\test.txt",true)2. Set RS = FS.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("text") & "webbhotell.txt",1)3. Set RS=FS.GetFile(Server.MapPath("app1.asp"))4.Set file=FS.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("webbhotell.txt"), 1)I have tested with 4 different files and i have tested line by line, when i have one of those 3 line efter Set FS=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"), so my script wait and work for ever and nothing happend.i need help

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