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Hey all! I just installed the PECL extension uploadprogress, and I have verified it's installation and everything. I was wondering if someone could point me to a supppper simple example of someone using this. All am looking for is a way to output the number as a percent, nothing styled or anything, just a raw use case using ajax so its in the same page as the upload form. Any examples if ya know what I'm looking for would be awesome! thanks all!

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If you have PHP 5.4.0, you can use the session extension for that. There are examples in this PhpMaster article for example.The basic idea is that you have a separate file that reads a session variable holding the current progress of file(s) being uploaded during the same session. The client repeatedly calls this file with XMLHttpRequest and updates a progress bar accordingly.I'd assume the PECL extension works on a similar principle.

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