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Database Replication problem


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Hi,I have two branch offices, in two different countries (Country A and Country B). In there I have several MS SQL Database servers. Country A: Server A1, Server A2Country B: Server B1, Server B2 All servers are connected via internet through local VPN. I want to configure database replication between Server A1 and Server B1. But it does not working correctly. I want to configure Merge replication. I have followed all the necessary process for replication and I did not found any error or warning. The problem is after configuration all the tables of Server A1 are not created in server B1. Only System Tables are generated.I have set the replication snap shot agent after 10 minutes in a day. Remember that Replication for server A1 & A2 or Server B1 & B2 works nicely for same configuration.Can anyone help me to overcome this problem? [NB: I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2008] Thanks in advance Rashed


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