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Cross browser compatibility issues - IE9 / Webkit


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Hi guys, I'm having some issues with the site I'm building. Mainly in IE but also the Webkit browsers. Site link: http://dl.dropbox.co...dex-mirror.htmlIssues noticed: IE

  • Not loading Google Fonts API (Weirdly on my computer it is displaying an API font I used for another build even after clearing the browser cache and history!?)
  • Header is increased in size, messes up alignment of nav bar and makes page scroll more.
  • Crashes loading “active x content”

Chrome / Safari

  • Horrible font rendering (Also in Opera but not nearly as bad)
  • Border around photo cuts off at the corners

All browsers - very slow load time on local preview (though it did seem okay on the dropbox link I used so maybe its my computer) I used the HTML5 boilerplate as the basis for this site. (http://html5boilerplate.com/) I appreciate that this is quite a lot of issues, the main one is the layout and fonts being messed up in IE. I've used the Google fonts API with IE9 before and had no problems, It just doesn't seem to like this font. I did wonder about trying to find the font and using @fontface rule instead, might help IE but I guess it wouldn't make any difference to the horrific rendering by webkit browsers? Thanks again in advance for your help. Edit:It seems that in IE the page layout looks okay until you "allow active x content" then it messes up.

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For now is better (faster) process using fonts linked in your files, you may optimize this fonts.For similar rendering you try to find fonts which have same rendering in all browsers; you must look arround and you will finding font for same rendering in different browsers for shure.Header style must be put in separate css, unit depending about site configuration. :good:

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