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targeting iframes


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Hi all,I have a menu in flash for a dynamic site.After completing some processes with the web site, the menu no longer target the iframe with the name 'content'. But it does work when the site is first opened. Has anybody seen an issue like this before? Here is the source I am using.getURL("java script:this.document.location.replace(\'search .php\')", "content");so I tried the simoplified versiongetURL("search.php", "content");Also, we have another iframe on the page thats' name is 'console'. Is there any sort of ruling or heirachy that applies to having multiple iframes on the page?Just thought that may make a difference.It's when I go to a particular page within the site, then it wont work, but yet it works from any other page, seems very strange that a page would make the iframe change properties...Simon

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