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Basic php question


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Hey, I have a variable set up when a message is sent or a post is made on my website. Now i would like to spice it up and instead of just displaying a messagei found a script that creates a neat little popup on the right hand side. For this to work i tried someting like this:

<?php  if($messageSent){    echo '<script type='text/javascript'>    sNotify.addToQueue("You message has been sent");</script>';  };?>

But this doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions on what im doing wrong? Help would greatly be appreciated as im still quite new to this.Thanks

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Ah i found the solution

<?php  if($messageSent){    echo '<script type="text/javascript">    sNotify.addToQueue("Your message has been sent");</script>';  };?>

This code works, double quotes save the day!

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