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Anyone interested in building a normal database search engine that searches an MS-ACCESSe-mail me at: zeidhaddadin@gmail.com

These are really simple. Its a simple SELECT statement using the Like keyword:
Select ID, Name, [i]other columns[/i] FROM your_table WHERE Name Like "%something%";

That will search through your database for all rows where the Name field contains the word "something". The %'s are wildcard characters.I don't know if you MS Access has this feature, but in MySQL and MS SQL you can also execute regular expressions in almost exactly the same way:

Select ID, Name, [i]other columns[/i] FROM your_table WHERE Name regexp "something";

Using the "regexp" operator, you don't need the %'s. However, you can do much more sophisticated pattern matching. See MySQL pattern matching (note: MySQL doesn't strictly follow regex standards, it has its own syntax that differs slightly from other regex engines).

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