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Help with the Wordpress's sidebar

Barhom Basri

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Hello everybody.How are ya'll doing? I hope ya'll doing fine.----I'm having trouble with stylizing my sidebar .. or "CSSing it" Here is my template that I've made in Photoshop:wordpress_template_by_b2rhom-d55z13r.jpg I know you won't understand it .. because it's in Arabic.but under the search bar .. I have my sidebar.I've also done this .. using the HTML .. but I don't have my HTML anymore.here is the code that I've used in my sidebar.php:

<div class="searchh"><?php include TEMPLATEPATH . '/searchform.php';?>        </div>            <              <ul>            <?php if(!function_exists('dynamic_sidebar')|| !dynamic_sidebar()) :?>            <p>You are not using Dynamic sidebar</p>            <?php endif; ?>            </ul>

but as you can see it's just a sidebar.Here how it is now2qnz1o7.png...I didn't know what to use in the CSS.I know the properties .. but I just don't know how to control it.when I used "ul" .. all the "ul"s got effectd.What Am I supposed to do?By the way .. I know how to make the background and everything .. I just need to make it in its proper place. which is below my "search bar" and I have an image. The image is the title of the sidebar. so please .. can you help me controlling my sidebar?

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