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Change tag value in XSL

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Hello everyone, I am new to xsl and trying to adjust an existing template at work. I am trying to change the value of a tag via the xsl. Example: Is the value of the SC_DF_FIELD_2 field in xml is "inactive", I would like to to display as something like "retired". I saw some code that I have been trying to insert into the existsing document but I am unable to get it to work. When I look at the xml, it appears like below. <SC_DF_FIELD_2 display_name="Employee status" element_type="r"><![CDATA[inactive]]></SC_DF_FIELD_2> This was the code I received.<xsl:template match="A1[text() = '0']"><A1>AA</A1></xsl:template> I changed it to read <xsl:template match="SC_DF_FIELD_2[text() = 'inactive']"><SC_DF_FIELD_2>retired</SC_DF_FIELD_2></xsl:template> Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks for taking a look. Stephen

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Since your source XML uses a CDATA, you may have to compare the whole text contents instead of just text(), i.e.

<xsl:template match="SC_DF_FIELD_2[. = 'inactive']"><SC_DF_FIELD_2>retired</SC_DF_FIELD_2></xsl:template>

Your XSLT should also contain a template that would define what to do for other nodes. Or at least templates that would eventually use xsl:apply-templates so that your template is matched.If you don't have other templates, and want to preserve all other nodes, you can use a template that just copies the node, and applies the inner templates (which will eventually lead to a match on your other template), like so:

<xsl:template match="*|@*|node()"><xsl:copy><xsl:apply-templates/></xsl:copy></xsl:template>

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