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how to verify objects against a list ?


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Hi I have a tree leaf with several objects referring to a different list how to verify them ? The list of objects <myElementList> <myelement ip="" slot="1" port="1" > <switchPort id="6" port="35" /> </myelement> <myelement ip="" slot="1" port="2" > <switchPort id="6" port="36" /> </myelement> </myElementList> The list of allowed SwitchPorts <switchList> <switch id="1" ip="" /> <switch id="2" ip="" /> <switch id="3" ip="" /> <switch id="4" ip="" /> <switch id="5" ip="" /> <switch id="6" ip="" /> </switchList> So how to verify via xsd path that every switchPort in the objectList referes to a switch in the Switchlist (ID=KEY) Immo

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