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In an xml i could find a line as follows /fasd/Comml[LocRef=ID_1",TypeOf ='Dealer]/ amt what does it mean ?? are 'LocRef' & 'TypeOf' test conditions so as to enter into 'amt' tag ?? (or) r these sub elements of comml ?? ( or) r these attributes of comml ? ( or can this be considered as an array form in xml ? if so , how to write a xsl for this scenerio ?

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Well there are many XML formats with different semantics, the snippet you have posted does not even look like the markup of XML as it has no tags, so it is certainly not possible to tell which XML format you use and which semantics it has. The expression

/fasd/Comml[LocRef="ID_1",TypeOf ='Dealer']/amt

could be an XPath 2.0 expression however that selects node in an XML document where the root element named "fasd" has child element(s) named "Comml" which have a child element named "LocRef" with the value "ID_1" or/and a child element named "TypeOf" with the value "Dealer" and where finally the expression selects the child elements named "amt" of the "Comml" elements.

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