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processing different node the same way


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I have multiple nodes that have exact same structure:

<debitcard>	<debitcard type="gold">		<name>name1</name>		<isPhotoExist>Yes</isPhotoExist>	</debitcard>	<debitcard type="silver">		<name>name2</name>		<isPhotoExist>No</isPhotoExist>	</debitcard></debitcard><creditcards>	<creditcard type="gold">		<name>name2</name>		<isPhotoExist>Yes</isPhotoExist>	</creditcard>	<creditcard type="platinum">		<name>name3</name>		<isPhotoExist>No</isPhotoExist>	</creditcard></creditcards>

I'll just two of them here.

I need to process these nodes exactly the same way, but the problem arises when there are selections that requires "creditcard" or "passcard" as part of the expression (e.g creditcard[type=platinum]). Is there any way so I can process these nodes with just one generic template instead of multiple template approach I'm using right now? thanks

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post your xslt code which is not working.

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