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Help With XML Format


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      <m:getResponse xmlns:m="com-xxx-xxxx-xxx">         <m:return>            <java:ErrorCode xmlns:java="java:com.xxx.xxxx.xxxx">0000</java:ErrorCode>            <java:Password xmlns:java="java:com.xxx.xxxx.xxxx">XXXXXXX</java:Password>            <java:Number xmlns:java="java:com.xxx.xxxx.xxxx">XXXXX</java:SerialNumber>         </m:return>      </m:getResponse> 

Hi, when i try to parse this XML using X path i keep getting Error that Root not found. Is the XML format correct? I think the namespace decleration should be

      <m:return xmlns:java="java:com.xxx.xxxx.xxxx">            <java:ErrorCode >0000</java:ErrorCode>           ........

instead of what it is please help.

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