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Not sure that my subject contains the right terminology.


I am building an interactive web site that will include extensive use of input forms. Would like to make these as attractive as possible. One of my favorite styles is that employed by chase.com. There are a number of other sites with a similar look in their input forms.


Web search for custom form elements returns a lot of colorful objects not really suited to my project.


Would one of you please point me to basic instructions on how to create the graphic elements of a custom set of form elements (edit, listbox, text-area, etc.), or better, to a commercial source of same, i.e., the form elements, not a service to actually generate the forms..


Thank you.

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I would think that the creation of a form and the beautification of a form are actually rather different tasks.




Once the form has the proper features and fields then you can start the beautification process.



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