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Scroll box versus browser


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Good evening everyone,


I am hoping someone can help. I have a website template which has boxes with scroll bars but I want the scroll bar to be removed and rely on the browser scroll bar without disutrbing the template.


This is a sample page



The page uses CSS (used on all other pages...I have photos and right now an orange scroll...I want to keep the white image placeholders and the orange bar where it is at the bottom...so not changing anything as it appears


so I only want the Photos to be able to scroll without the orange scroll bar while leaving everything else looking the same...


I hope I have explained good enough


Thanks for any help in advance

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You can simple get rid of the scroll bar but you will need to hit every instances of fixed height and some position absolute to allow the browser to scroll the page. This will take some time.


You best bet is to install Firebug for Firefox and then use it to find the html and css that requires editing.


Tip: make a backup copy of your existing template and css for safe keeping. At times people would make changes only to make a mess of things.

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