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Dynamic topic title in header and footer


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Hello all,


I have an xml document created using XMetal. In that xml file there are many hierarchy elements used.


I have an xsl file in which the main title of the document should come in header file. And the chapter names in the xml also should appear in the output. This chapter names are dynamic in nature. they should change according to the chapter number in body.


I will explain the above with a sample example. Here I am giving an example for the main page.In main page also i need the main titile of the document.


MY XML file:


I am using composite topic.


<dita> <topic>Technical manual<title>

<concept><title>Volume name</title>

<concept><title>Part A: </title>

<concept><title>Chapter name</title>

<concept><title>section name</title>

<concept><title>sub sections</title>


<concept><title>Volume name</title>




MY xslt file


<!-- parameters that are to be set by the author at this point -->
<xsl:variable name="topic_title"><xsl:value-of select="//topic/@title"/></xsl:variable>
<!-- # call-template | COVER PAGE-->
<xsl:template name="main.page">
<fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="font10">
<fo:table table-layout="fixed" margin-top="35mm">
<fo:table-column column-number="1" column-width="50%"/>
<fo:table-cell column-number="1" text-align="center"
<fo:block padding-top="10" border-top-style="solid"
border-top-width="thin" border-bottom-style="solid"
border-bottom-width="thin" font-size="30pt" font-weight="bold">
<xsl:value-of select="$dita_topic_title"/></fo:block>
please help me how to proceed with this
thanks in advance






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