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Need help with positioning


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Hello there,


So I've been messing about with a HTML for over two years now but only as of recently I've started getting really obsessed with it. It's sort of become a hobby of mine.

Now, I'm trying to make my own theme for my blog (Tumblr) and I'm having problems with positioning the main containers that center the posts and what not.


Please take a look at my testing blog. I've put a border around all my main containers, the white border goes around the center div id, the red border goes around the actual content div id, and the blue border goes around the posts div id.

I've written everything from scratch and I got far up to this point - positioning the top bar. The yellow border goes around the topbar. For some reason, my description, goes BEHIND my entry posts/content rather than going in the assigned topbar div.


I was wondering if anyone could look into the view-source page of that testing blog and tell me if I positioned something wrong? Or perhaps I've made a newbie mistake?

It would be GLADLY appreciated as I'm really stuck and I refuse to look into coding of other theme makers because I really wanna learn how to do this myself.


Thank you so much in advance

- Jay

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