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Resizing images on Tablet


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Dear friends,I have the following code. Images (1024px width) resizes rightly on Chrome for PC, but not on Chrome for tablet: I think images do not resizes at all, so the webpage is scaled and text is smaller.

What did I do wrong?Thank you very much

<div class="Container">        <div class="Content">            <div style="text-align:left">                text...<br />                <a href="gallery.htm"><img src="images/gallery.jpg" class="WidthImages"/></a>            </div>         </div>    </div>
.Container{    width:100%;    height: 100%;    position:relative;    top:0;    left:0;    overflow:auto;    text-align:justify;    z-index:10;}.Content{    position:relative;    font-family: Verdana,Arial;    font-size: 14px;    padding-top: 30px;    padding-bottom: 30px;    padding-left: 30px;    padding-right: 30px;    margin-left: 140px;    margin-right: 10%;    overflow:auto;}.WidthImages{    width: 100%;    max-width:1024px;}
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