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AJAX responseText returns with "\r\n" at the front.


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I am calling an update method in my javascript that sends an AJAX request to a PHP script. That compiles an array of values and is supposed to return a delimited string of name=value pairs like this:


name1210=Tom Burns;company1210=Technet Center;id1210=2229


The PHP is compiling an array and then joining it with the delimeter. I did a var_dump from PHP on the resulting string and it returns exactly what I was expecting. However, when I get the string back into my AJAX environment, it looks like this:


rn name1210=Tom Burns;company1210=Technet Center;id1210=2229


The carriage return line feed show up for who know why, and that makes the first name=value pair inaccessible, because I don't have an element named "rn name1210".


I tried a string.replace on the full "rn" and on portions of it, to no avail. Does anyone know how I can either avoid getting this in the first place or getting rid of it afterward?


Thank you.



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