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Newbie missing something


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I have been working on this issue for several months every time I get a free moment at work. Short story I am working with kodak prinergy RBA ( rule based automation) and I am trying to get the .xml file from our imposition software to start jobs and do basic steps based on info in the xml file. I have an xsd file to tell prinergy what to expect from the incoming .mxml (Metrix xml). Everything was going fine until I try to retrieve the info coming from the "vendor" tag, I can also use the "grade" tag it is an integer that would give me the same information. I am attaching 3 files.

1.) A pdf screen shot of what my system is seeing once it is in the rba setup, next to the actual xml data I am trying to retrieve. One note is the two pieces or elements above on the left pane (Audit Pool, & Project) appear to show me all of the attributes I need but for some reason the resource pool is only showing array length. I am assuming the .xsd is just missing something to tell it how to break it down further.

2.) The .xsd schema file

3.) The .mxml wich is the xml being written from our Metrix imposition software


Once I get the .xsd correct I will no longer use .xml on a daily basis. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. It is like trying to learn French but I only plan on visiting France for a weekend


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