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Need some help with aligning to left, center and right at same line


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Hello.This is my code:

<div>    <div style="float:right; text-align: left; padding-right: 10px;">        <a class="lpadding" href="">edit</a>        <a class="lpadding" style="color: #cc0000" href="">delete</a>        <a class="lpadding" href="">warn</a>        <a class="lpadding" href="">details</a>        <a class="lpadding" href="">report</a>    </div>    <a href="./?p=241">        <h2 style="margin: 0px 0px 1em 0px; padding: 0px;display: inline-block;">Title of post</h2>    </a>    <a tyle="font-size: 20px;" href="./?f=7">Back to thumbnails</a>    <br>    <span class="post_time">By user on 2014 Aug 1 13:14:57</span></div>

I want to align "Back to thumbnails" center but still keep it on same line with action buttons such as edit, delete, ... and with heading. So I basically need to have align left (for title), align center (for "Back to thumbnails" ) and align right (for buttons) on the same line. How can I do that?I mean one way would be to use table but when I fix cell widths to 33% then it might not be enough for title sometimes. I want that "Back to thumbnails" be center, no matter how long the title is.An other question is thet there's a huge vertical space between this line with heading and buttons and "By user on 2014 Aug 1 13:14:57". How can I reduce that white space?

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