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Trying an "IF" statement with no success


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Currently, I have this DLookup statement on an ASP page, and it returns an appropriate value:<% =DLookUp("[Offer$P]","[Offer]","[MLSno]=" & rs("FreisNo"))%>Now, I've decided that I only want to show this value of Offer$P when "STATUS" = S.If "STATUS" equals anything else other than S, I want the result to read "Agency Applies".Here's part of the statement that "pulls" status into evaluation: sSQL = "SELECT DISTINCTROW PType, Twp, City, Status, [Now List], " & _"FROM [FREIS02] "I want the IF statement to evaluate if Status=S and if it is, return the value of Offer$PIf Status <>S, then show "Agency Applies"Another set of eyes on this would be highly welcomed!Here's what does not work:<% =if((DLookUp("[status]","[Offer]","[MLSno]=" & rs("FreisNo"))="S",<% =DLookUp("[Offer$P]","[Offer]","[MLSno]=" & rs("FreisNo"))%>,"Agency Applies")%>


My brain feels fritzed out! Also, this is my first post to this forum - is there a way to set it so when a reply to my predicament is posted, and email comes to my inbox? (That would be very useful.)

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