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What am I not understanding?

Guest Fenrir

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Guest Fenrir

Sorry to be thick about this, just trying to get started with SMIL and not getting very far!

<html xmlns:time="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:time"><head>  <?import namespace="time" implementation="#default#time2">  <style>.time {behavior: url(#default#time2)}</style></head><body>  <time:seq repeatCount="indefinite">    <img class="time" src="pond01.jpg" dur="3s" />    <img class="time" src="pond02.jpg" dur="3s" />  </time:seq></body></html>

I've saved this in a file called index.htm (no prizes for originality) and when I open it I see both of the graphics on the static on the page.I'm using Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. :)

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