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Newspaper style column help!


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I just started learning html, css. js and found it challenging and fun.


I'm trying to practice my css and I'm stuck at columns.


I wanted the page to look like newspaper but can't move each sections the way I wanted it to be.


I'm trying to make it so that there's sidebar on each side of the main image and columns.


any suggestions? what am I doing wrong??




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The first thing you need to do is use valid code. what you have there ids full of errors primarily caused by the missing doctype which cause the validator and the browsers to use an HTML transitional doctype which is virtually obsolete and does not support many of the tags you are using.


Then you go to the reference area of this site for information about the use of CSS multi-column properties: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_multiple_columns.asp


One other thing. CSS belongs in external files not coded directly in the page.

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