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Waypoint changes when fancybox filter is used


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I am trying to use fancybox with filter and that is working fine. But there is a problem with waypoints: When I am scrolling down there appears a red border on the rightside. In this border there should fadein a vertical text-image when this border reaches the top of the viewport. This all works fine. At the end the text image should fadeOut when the red border ends. This works well untill the fancybox filter is used (and the fancybox page is getting smaller). When the filter is used the text image won't fadeOut, I think because it doesn't reach the waypoint. The waypoint is set to "bottom in view" on the page where the contact slider is located. Could anyone tell me why the waypoint isn't moving up when the filter is used and how I can solve this? A link to the side is: http://main-site.nl/peter/



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