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Attribute specifier is not a complete statement in asp.net webservice

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I am trying to develop asp.net webservice, but it gives
Error:Attribute specifier is not a complete statement use a line continuation to apply the attribute to following sttatement.
> coloured wth RED is the place where i am getting error
following is my code block
<WebMethod(Description:="Method for checking ENQ PreExist or not")> _
Public Function EnqPreExistOrNot() As Boolean
Dim strsql6 As New StringBuilder
Dim localdt6 As New DataTable
With strsql6
.Append("select * from complaintmastercrm where ccncd='" & lblCcn.Text & "' and partycd='" & ViewState("partycode") & "'")
End With
localdt6 = CommonDb.ReturnDataTable(strsql6.ToString, "CRM")
If localdt6.Rows.Count > 0 Then
EnqPreExistOrNot = True
EnqPreExistOrNot = False
End If
End Function
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