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How to style active field counter in slideshows fo mobile and tablet


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I have created a slideshow. I can see the active field counter with gray background and inactive field counters with white background. It works fine in desktop version.


I like to do the similar for mobile and tablet versions. However, it is not working for me. If you could visit my site and make the screen smaller and then make it 'less than 768px for mobile' and 'greater than 768px and less than 992px for tablet', you will notice that it is not working for mobile and tablets. Sometimes i do see it is working thou. I simply like to make the active image gray and inactive images white background in the slideshows.


Slideshow class is


Field counters wrapper class is


If you could inspect my page in chrome and help me with css, it will be really great. http://godrupal.info/dcyacht/



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