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Need help with views slideshow of drupal site


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I have done this several times. Now, I am having issue.


1. If you could please visit my dev site, you first make it to less than 768px for mobile version.





2. Slideshow images should be 100% width and it is not doing it. I applied the below css:

 .views-slideshow-cycle-main-frame .views_slideshow_cycle_teaser_section, .views-slideshow-cycle-main-frame-row.views_slideshow_cycle_slide.views_slideshow_slide {

    height: 200px !important;    min-height: 200px;     width: 100% !important; }
 .views-slideshow-cycle-main-frame-row-item .field-content img {   height: 200px !important;     min-height: 200px;     width: 100%; }

Can you please inspect in chrome and help me with the css why images are not 100% width of the screen when viewing in less than 768px screen?


Many thanks in advance.

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