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How do I get the Status with the latest TimestampCreate and has Op?


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I have revised my question.

I would like to get the Status whose TimstampCreate matches (or closely) ControlPoint Timestamp.


How do I do this with my xslt code?


My xml code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<ControlPoint Timestamp="5/9/2016 2:34:34 PM" UserID="kuku">SAVE</ControlPoint>


<ProtectionOrder Op="E">




<Type Word="DIS">Dismissed</Type>

<TimeStampCreate>05/09/2016 14:34:48:633</TimestampCreate>


<Status Op="A">

<Date Op="A">05/09/2016</Date>

<Type Op="A" Word="SBJ">Signed</Type>

<TimestampCreate>05/09/2016 14:34:34:737</TimestampCreate>







Expected Output something similar to this:


<Status Op="A">


<Date Op="A">05/09/2016</Date>

<Type Op="A" Word="SBJ">Signed</Type>






I have a function to convert date time to numeric. Here is the function

<xsl:value-of select=mscef:formatDateTimeNumeric(mscef:fixOdysseyTimestamp(string(TimeStampCreate)))"/>


My xslt 1.0 code


<xsl:value-of select="/Integration/ProtectionOrder/Statuses/Status/Date"/>

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