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XSLT, recursive If test ...


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I would like to ask you if there is a way to automate the "if test" statement below for the entire XML source or a portion of it, avoiding check any single element:



XML source:



<ID><xsl:value-of select="NS:PartyIDs/NS:ID"/></ID>
<xsl:if test="NS:PartyIDs/NS:DUNSID !=''"><DUNSID><xsl:value-of select="NS:PartyIDs/NS:DUNSID"/></DUNSID></xsl:if>



XML output:




Taking off "if test", the output became <DUNSID/> which will cause "DUNSID=Null" and reset that value in the final application.

On the other hand as you can see the source is equal to the destination so I could prepare an XML source as much as close to the destination format ... but it will be strictly dependent.



Many Thanks.



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