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Loose Leaf publishing using XSL-FO on top of RenderX


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My Company currently is looking to accomplish Loose Leaf Publishing using XSL-FO. We have been in contact with RenderX and they provided us with the following information:




RenderX contain no "loose-leaf" module although I know of some who have built loose-leaf publishing on top of the product.

When RenderX processes XSL FO content to output format, there is an internal structure (called the XEP Intermediate Format or XEPOUT). This is essentially the composed document tree.

It is XML and has <document> elements, <page> elements and of course other things like <text>, <image>, ...

You can serialize this content to output via the API and obtain this structure in the process of formatting.


In combination with being able to serialize this to output as well as embed all xpaths from original content (as one would do with tagged PDF Section 508 compliant output), one could build an application to do something as advanced as understanding changes and marking things back into the source for where pages broke and change numbering.


We have not done it and have no plans to do so. Someone this year told me they were looking to market the capability but with 5000 customers, I cannot remember which organization built it for external market.




My Question is has anyone here accomplished this or know of an organization that has this that they can refer me too?






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