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How to style the img links


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I have this html:

<div id="widgets-element-socialmedia_share-default" class="widgets widgets-set widgets-set-horizontal widgets-style-horizontal">

<div id="widgets-element-socialmedia_socialmedia-twitter-share-button">
  <a href="...we-buy-houses-baltimor" title="Tweet this" target="_blank"><img src="/twitter.png" alt="Twitter icon">

<div id="widgets-element-socialmedia_socialmedia-twitter-share-button" >
  <a href="...we-buy-houses-baltimor" title="Tweet this" target="_blank"><img src="/facebook.png" alt="facebookicon">


When i hover on an image link, I would like the image to have 200px. I am not sure how I can do it?



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