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confuse with java bridge tutorial


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Hello everyone,


Long time no see, I hope you all are fine,


Today I've tried to use javabridge, according tutorial on : http://php-java-bridge.sourceforge.net/pjb/desktop-apps.php


I rather confused with this tutorial because when I tried to run the example that I got when downloaded javabridge.war

it won't run.


For example bench.php :


   //define ("JAVA_DEBUG", true);
require_once ("java/Java.inc");

$here = getcwd();
$java_output = "workbook_java.xls";
$php_output = "workbook_php.xls";

ini_set("max_execution_time", 0);
$sys = java("java.lang.System");

// fetch classes and compile them to native code.
// use local poi.jar, if installed
try {
} catch (JavaException $e) {
$excel = new java("ExcelTest");
$excel->createWorkbook("/dev/null", 1, 1);

// test starts
$start = java_values($sys->currentTimeMillis());
$excel = new java("ExcelTest");
$excel->createWorkbook("$here/$java_output", 200, 200);
$t_java = java_values($sys->currentTimeMillis()) - $start;

$start = java_values($sys->currentTimeMillis());
createWorkbook("$here/$php_output", 200, 200);

$t_php = java_values($sys->currentTimeMillis()) - $start;

echo "$java_output\t: $t_java ms.\n";
echo "$php_output\t: $t_php ms.\t(" . $t_php/$t_java .")\n";

Sample results on a 1.4GHZ i686, kernel 2.6.8

PHP/Java Bridge Version 1.0.8:
       pure java              mix PHP/Java           pure java     mix PHP/Java
       interpreted (-Xint)    interpreted (-Xint)    compiled        compiled
1.4:   13367 ms               42919 ms               2325 ms         22276 ms
1.5:   18342 ms               42048 ms               2227 ms         21008 ms

PHP/Java Bridge Version 2.0.7:
1.4:   13929 ms               39723 ms               2349 ms         9232 ms

PHP/Java Bridge Version 4.3.3:
1.6:   -     ms               -     ms               2120 ms         7655 ms


when I open on address bar :


it's shown : Warning: java_require() not supported anymore. Please use


and if I changed "java_require" it became :

try {
  use $here/exceltest.jar;"$here/../../unsupported/poi.jar";
} catch (JavaException $e) {
  use $here/exceltest.jar;"http://php-java-bridge.sf.net/poi.jar";

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE) in C:\Apache24\htdocs\javabridge\bench\bench.php on line 17


I don't know what I must do, please help me





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I'm not familiar with this. It looks like it will allow an HTTP server to access a Tomcat server?


No I tried it on apache server




What's the rest of the error message?


Only that the message nothing anymore...


please help



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