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Vertical Align Cursors in a flexcontainer?


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Hello Everybody...

The following code is in a flex container. I have some issues to vertically center my links in the center. 

Image is display:block.

a is position:absolute; top:50% etc.

The problem is that I have a second div container.

I can't align the links in the middle of the image.


Thanks for your help..

<div class="slideshow">
<img src="../img/1.jpg" width=100%>
<a class="prev" onclick="plusDivs(-1, 0)">&#10094;</a>
<a class="next" onclick="plusDivs(1, 0)">&#10095;</a>
<div style="text-align:center">
<span class="dot" onclick="currentDiv(1, 0)"></span>
<span class="dot" onclick="currentDiv(2, 0)"></span>
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