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Should I or shouldn’t I?


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Hi guys, 

I’m new to W3Schools and I’ve been learning recently. Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to get into it, is it worth persisting and continuing onwards?

My goals are to get to terms with HTML and CSS then maybe pursue JavaScript. 

How will I know when I’ve ‘learnt’ HTML, CSS and Javascript? What features of these technologies will determine if I’m a beginner, novice or expert? I’m not sure how this is understood. 


Many feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks guys! 

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That is a question only you can answer. I guess you have learnt Html 5.

Do you use books at all?

As for learning entirely, that would be sometime, a year or two I would think. I have never gotten far with any of this, simply, because my mind isn't focused on languages, I imagine, not sure what could be exactly, a learning difficulty may be, I don't know. Some people can learn this subject others struggle, and get by, and many give up.

I was looking at SQL developer job roles, I imagine it was for may be Twitter, but required computer science for a role at an IT company, now of course is more programming, but similarities with web languages. I haven't a chance of ever doing that like on a free lance or something, not sure how these jobs actually work out, but yeah there going to be local to a company.

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