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Anyone interested in mentoring me in Javascript?


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I'm looking for someone to mentor me in Javascript. Basically someone I can ask questions to and maybe review my code.


I've done tutorials but they never seem to apply to what I need. For instance I remember doing a Treehouse tutorial that was making a madlib game. That is completely irrelevant to anything I have ever worked on. I work on websites. I've never worked on a website that needed a madlib.


Some of the best tutorials I've seen so far come from W3Schools, because they are web related, but even those aren't quite good enough. For instance their dropdown tutorial does not work if you put more than one dropdown on a page and typically webpages have more than one dropdown.


I think the best option would be to work with someone who already knows Javascript.


So basically I am looking for an old fashion mentor apprentice relationship.


If anyone would be interested please PM me.


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