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Weebly Navigation Bar Customization Coding


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Morning all,


I've added in some coding to change the look of the navigation bar for the Birdseye Theme, removing the transparent w/ white text, to move over to a White Nav bar with black text, using the following code;

	.birdseye-header {
		background:#fff !important;
	.nav .wsite-menu-item {
		color:#000 !important;

However I need to get the formatting to apply to the dropdown sections of the navigation, as currently the dropdown still uses the themes view. To make matters worse, when you view the website on a mobile phone, the expand icon is invisible (Presumably because it uses the themes white text on the new white background), and when you expand the navigation, its black text/black background.


Website for reference: http://marleys2019.weebly.com/


Would anyone be able to tweek my code slightly to include dropdown content?

Much appreciated!

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