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I have a number of articles written in notepad that I'm going to put on my website to sell and wanted to place a hypertext link somewhere in the folder to alert customers to how they can get 50 alternative versions of an article for £5.00.

But after looking through YouTube for a solution I can't get the link back into Notepad. When you develop the link in say Atlantis Word Processor (I couldn't afford Microsoft Office) it saves the link in  Atlantis format and not as text format that would not look out of place in a notepad document.

I just wanted to put "get 50 alternative versions of an article for £5.00." in amongst the texts in the folder with a link back to my website.

I'm sure this is really easy but I can't seem to get my 73yr old head around the solution. Can someone help me out here and explain in the simplest terms how to do this.

The Attachment shows one of the articles with a different link to another website. I wanted to replace this link with my own. 

Thanks a lot.



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